The Pictures Tell the Story!

They say that a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  Well, let’s look at these photos and see what they tell us!

What Women are now doing!






As you can see, many women are asserting themselves and competing in sports that were once Male Only!   It is a delight to see women accomplishing on such a high scale.  Some women want to reverse the Gender Roles completely, which would really be a great thing to happen, considering men have really messed things up so badly for centuries on end!  That sentiment can be expressed in this next photo:


Male Feminization could be the answer for a better world.  The following is a thread from some that believe that.  The one participant is a women that has feminized her husband and sons:

Started by Doll-Boy:

My sister is two years older than me and her and her friends dressed me up several times. I was never willing but I was always outnumbered by girls older than me ,so I usually got roped into it anyway. The first time that I remember I was six and was playing on our swing set out back. My sister and two of her friends came out and asked me to play with them. Then she told me I was going to be their little girl. I told them to go on and leave me alone, but they grabbed me and dragged me to the patio. Then they put me in of my sisters old dresses that was too small even for me! They put ribbons in my hair and girls shoes on me. When they were done one girl said that I looked like a little doll. When my mom came out to check on us she said I was adorable. YUCK! I still owe my sister for some of this crap!

Response from Mary Ann:

Hey that’s cute! I bet you were adorable too. Lots of boys have to endure being dressed up at the hands of their sisters Just look at all the polls involving “Dress Up”!

Response from Sissy-Kitty:

Hi Mary-Ann,
If you think that’s cute, maybe you’ll be amused to learn that I was stripped naked by two girls when I was 10. They overpowered me and sat on me as they removed all my clothes – I cried my eye out, but they were far too strong. When I was naked (and after they’d had a good giggle at my ‘worm’) they dressed me in panties, tights and a pretty party dress! I wore the outfit for the rest of the afternoon and only got to change back into my own clothes when their mom came upstairs and walked in on us!!!!

Response from Penny-Sue:

My 3 sons all love it dressed as girls, they make the cutest little girls and I have feminized them so they now look and dress as girls all of the time. They would never want to go back to the boring boys stuff. We love it

Here are some photos of men.  Considering that women are now the competitors, and in many cases the Breadwinners, is it not only “Right”, that men should be doing their best to look cute and desirable for their superior spouses?









The Beauty of Male Femininity!

Men that are in touch with the femininity is something precious.  As we see more and more everyday, men and boys are relishing the joys of nylons, skirts, dresses, makeup and high heels.  Many women are now embracing this “New Age” Male.

Here is an excerpt from one such woman:


A lovely young Femme-male …

I have received this picture from “my dear Femme-male Girlfriend Patricia who shares my passion for refined male-femininity in all its glorious and sometimes arousing expressions.”

Some comments: 

I love seeing the young Femme-male putting on stockings, with the elegant high-heeled sandals waiting to be put on as well. How delightful will it be seeing her in a dress, in every way a lovely young girl. When she were my girl, I would suggest her wearing fully fashioned stocking that will be held up by a garter belt. I like the framing of her crotch that way. By the way, I would learn her that she should always wear her panties or string over the suspenders, for obvious reasons … Most of the time, you see in pictures ladies wearing the knickers in the wrong way, under the suspenders. When you think about this, you will know this is the wrong way …


Conditioning a Femme-male into refined femininity

When I’m training a Femme-male to express her femininity, dressing her is an important aspect of ‘setting’ her way of thinking and her opinions. Aiding her into her journey to become a perfect Femme-male to be adored, lingerie, dresses, skirts and heels are my friends. All these have an effect on a Femme-male and will bring her into the desired state. They limit her speed, her maneuverability, they make her constant aware of herself and how she appears to others. They can make her feel vulnerable and submissive. When her clothes are pink, they make her feel sexy like a doll. So I dress my Femme-males in what pleases me and what I think will contribute to their conditioning into the Femmes they wish to become. I have always in mind that she will be a delightful muse and courtesan for the Seigneur and/or Lady in her life …

Isabelle, Superior Lady and Mentor

Lady Isabelle educates young girls, mature women and Femme-males in all aspects of refined femininity to become the seductive muse and courtesan of distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. Her clients have high requirements and often very specific essential conditions. Lady Isabelle adores Femininity in all its glorious expressions by girls, women and Feminized males.


Seeing more and more men enjoying the silky feeling of a leotard and pantyhose is a delight.  It is very important that New Age males look attractive for successful females.  Being a Pretty Male is very important in this New World Order!



The New Age is arriving!  Men are getting to be feminine and pretty, while women are getting to enjoy them!  Many men need to understand that they need to “display” their bodies for the pleasure of women!










Strong Women deserve to have Feminine and Pretty men at their side!  Female Power is growing….Feminized men and boys need to increase in number! The Women will EXPECT it!!!

You would Not want to Disappoint a Strong Woman would you???




The New Age Male Needs to Look Good for Women!

Today’s posting involves the subject of how the New Age Male needs to present himself in the growing World of Female Control.  As it was in the past that women were required to look good for their men, now the times are changing, and men and boys need to learn that their goal needs to be to look Pretty and Sweet for their women.

Many of you might be aware that now evidence is showing that 30% of men are now shaving their legs.  Another 22% plus are trimming their leg hair.  This is wonderful progress.  As a man that is completely clean shaven, I can attest that many women seem to enjoy seeing a Clean and Shaven man!  Hopefully, this leads to more men and boys wearing pantyhose and tights, to me an “essential” in male feminization!

The video below of the “Catch Queen” is a great example of how a man should be exercising, and especially the clothing that a man should wear to exercise in.  Leotards and tights need to become the “Required” Exercise wear for all males.

Male Femininity is Growing.  For it to become the dominant position for males, Females need to encourage it!   Would be very interesting to hear from woman on how they would like to see the males in their lives to present themselves!



Girlfriends that encourage their men to be feminine seem to be quite happy in their relationships!




Men in bikinis are so cute.  I love how his nails match his bikini.  Also, observe the skinny, weak arms.  In the future, women will be physically stronger than men,  women will be the protectors, and male violence ill be reduced!





Women are so proud to show off their pretty boyfriends or husbands!