The Superior Female!

Today’s posting will concentrate on the Superiority of Women, and men and boys becoming the docile “sissies” that Women will need as wives and helpers!

The Strong and Confident Woman feels more Comfortable wearing the Pants!

Ig: @puertoricaninja

Here is a posting from a Strong Women describing her relationship with her sissy wife:

Judy says
June 25, 2013 at 2:21 am
I keep my sissy dressed enfemme at all times. He must do everything as a girl, or face strict punishment. I have a little game I play with him when we make love. First he has to entertain me by doing a strip tease stopping when he is down to his wasp waist corset, nylons, high heel pumps, and chastity belt. Then starting at my feet he licks, and kisses his way up my body. Only after he has licked me to multiple orgasms as a lesbian lover, will I strap on a dildo, and rape him.

Many Women today are looking for cute sissy boys like this:

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, shoes and indoor

Here is a posting from Rose about her relationship with her sissy!

There CAN be forced feminization. We were in college and one night I called my boy friend. I told him I needed him. He didn’t want to come which was exactly what I wanted. I asked until he came When we came I acted mysteriously upset and we cuddled until he got excited. It was easy then to make him change into my girdle, bra and nylons. I let him c– then forbid his taking off the clothes. I gave him fresh panties and told him to return in them tomorrow same time. Very quickly, he enjoyed this. I made him advance to women’s outer attire, and kept on until he’d beg for it. Then I sent him to my beautician in a dress. I think that’s forced.

As Women are putting men and boys in skirts and dresses, many Women are now wearing very Masculine pants and other manly clothing!

Boys that have been introduced to femininity at an early age, usually learn to embrace their femininity.  The following is Melanie’s story and how his mom introduced him to femininity!

Brat To Beauty Queen. Bad boy to good girl.

Melanie says
May 30, 2011 at 1:45 am
I was a regular boy until the age of 9. I was in cub scouts and for mother’s day we had a “mother and daughter” evening. At first I was reluctant, but my mother was determined to go and win the prize for the “best daughter”. The calendar meant we had plenty of time to prepare. My mom went around to a mother of a girl in my class (Jenni) to “borrow” some old clothes. when she returned with all these dresses and panties for me to try on. Once I was dressed up, we had a “fashion parade” where I was presented to all on show.I was very embarrassed, but my mom inspired me to keep going. She attacked my room and anything “boy” in the room was taken to the spare room. All my blue sheets were changed to pink sheets and the only boy thing in my wardrobe were my school uniforms. It was about 3 months before mother’s day and every night I slept in girls panties and pink nighties. When I got home from school each day I was forced to change into my girl uniform for the first week or so, but then i willingly changed into my girl’s clothes after each day of school and only played with my new best friend Jenni. Jenni taught me how to be a girl and we spent hours doing all sorts of girly stuff.
The big night game and I was awarded the “best girl” much to my squeals of delight. Just after that I cried when my mom decided to convert me back to a boy, but I refused so I was forced to burn all my girly things. I was hooked on being a girl so I would borrow Jenni’s clothes and she would give me her clothes to wear. It was our little secret.
I have kept it secret ever since and every girl I have dated has been my size so I can fit into her clothes. The first thing I do after I start dating these girls is to go completely en-femme in their clothes. Fortunately, I now work from home and my partner travels so just after she leaves, I slip into the dirty clothes basket! Whenever she travels away I go completely en-femme for the entire time she is away. I was lucky when she came home early one trip and found me so after she blew up at me, we had a little chat and now I am completely en-femme 100% of the time and are now in transition. I was immediately moved to the spare room and have been forbidden to enter her pleasuredom as a male, but our lesbian love life is second to none!

Many men are now learning that their real value is to look pretty for Women!

The Destruction of the Male Ego is Essential in gaining control!

Double the Feminization Fun
June 11, 2016 By Femdom Curator 1 Comment
When a woman begins feminizing a malesub or a slave sharing it with a female friend may make the task easier and more fun.

Artist: HunnyB
If you male is resisting being turned into a sissy he will find it harder to the wills of two dominant women. On the fun side you have someone to share your laughter as who introduce the sissified male to each unwelcome surprise.
You can compete is telling your sissy what humiliating experiences he’ll be facing. You shared amusement will shame the sissy.
Shaming a sissy is an essential part of his feminization. His masculine ego must be crushed.

submissive-shauna: “ sissy-sex-life: “sissy forced feminization, submissive weak boy turn into real sissy faggot ” Yes ”

Women that are Taking Control!

Dominant Wife’s Petticoat Discipline
May 21, 2016 By Female Led Relationships Editor 15 Comments
Wife Controls Husband with Petticoating

A woman’s story:
I make my husband wear women’s clothes on a regular basis. It started out one day before we were married. One day I asked him to buy a pair of pantyhose for me when he had already agreed to go to the grocery store. He said “No, I can’t do that.” I asked him why not, and he said “it would be too embarrassing.” This perplexed me, but at the same time a light went on in my head. So, later that night when we were kissing and stuff I told him he needs to become more comfortable with girly things and that I wanted him to try some things on for me “just for fun.” He said it was a “STUPID” idea. I said if he wanted to have sex we were going to have a little fashion show first, and I let him know I was serious. His horniness prevailed over his stubbornness, and when he donned a pair panties and a bra, I was surprised to see a sudden change: he became quiet, meek, the opposite of his usual macho attitude. When I caressed him through the panties and got him hard very fast, I teased him, “see, you like it!” He was beet red and stammering, vanquished- putty in my hands. Needless to say, the rest of the evening went MY way.
Ever since then, I have learned to manage his attitude and moods, and frankly dominate him, by making him wear various articles of feminine attire often- maybe a skirt or dress when we are home alone, panties and/or bra under his male clothes sometimes, nighties to bed from time to time. I vary it so he doesn’t get used to any particular routine. He used to balk at it, and I would just threaten NO SEX (that is powerful); I also use guilt trips like “can’t you do this one little thing for me, or are you too selfish?” While he may have latent fetishistic feelings, his conscious reaction is embarrassment, humiliation, swallowing his male “pride” and surrender to a more powerful force.
It is fun to take him shopping- he is mortified when he thinks a store clerk might know the clothes are for him. Another interesting thing is to make him wear a bra under a thin white shirt and a sweater when we go out. I threaten to confiscate the sweater if he misbehaves. He doesn’t.
I worked to awaken in him an association between female clothing and sexual pleasure, along with the meekness and submissiveness. I wanted it to be a lifestyle. At first, it was rocky; he would call it my “silly game” and try to trivialize it. Eventually, he learned to acquiesce to my brand of “petticoating” (a term I learned from the internet). That term, and the practice itself, has apparently been around for a long time.
It has been a success. He admits that I have taken him down a road where he cannot turn back. I have tightened the screws recently by introducing corporal punishment.

susan9316 says
February 27, 2013 at 7:48 pm
To me this is a wonderful story. Susan is my femme name and i envy your sissy husband. Each step in feminization is just a bit more transforming. Submission to you through corporal punishment probably feels just right. I know for me it began with a pair of panties and I have progressed from there, as my male sense of self steadily gives way to a new delight in myself as a sissy male, more and more embracing of the reality of my femininity. I can understand why your husband knows he has reached a place where he cannot go back. Petticoat discipline or a sweet new reality. After awhile they are the same.

Anonymous says
December 28, 2015 at 8:50 am
I love the way my wife dominates and controls me. She keeps me dressed in frilly dresses and petticoats. She also likes to put me in pleated skirts. I sit on her lap and she fondles me. She especially likes to feel my legs., which I find quite stimulating.

Felicity says
June 18, 2016 at 3:38 pm
Good story!
Love the part where she makes him wear a bra under his white shirt and sweater, whilst out in public, with his constant awareness, excitement and anxiety of his femininity and that she has the power to expose him, if he misbehaves, at any given time.
Off course, she would make him wear a very vivid color or black bra, (frilly, lacy or satin) that would definitely show up under his white shirt.
Perhaps, she would also touch and feel the outline his bra cups, straps and band over his man clothes to make him more aware of his vulnerability.
Love it.
All men should be made to wear a bra! LOL
Isn’t that making your man wear a bra, the most feminine garment, the best part in a female led relationship?

Jeanette says
June 12, 2017 at 5:54 am
I liked the story too.
Sending your man out wearing a bra ? here’s tip, sew a couple of stitches between the Bra and his Shirt you will know if he has tried to remove his bra.
Have him wear crotch less panties, he cant forget who is in charge as he will feel uncomfortable all day long or have him wear a pair of your old knickers (nylon or Silk) with very loose elastic! they will continually slip down his buttocks all day too.

Good luck girls x

Pricilla says
October 10, 2018 at 5:23 pm
My wife started having me cross dress by telling me that she didn’t have time to do the laundry and had me wear her panties because I didn’t have any clean under shorts. After a few days of wearing her panties I started to object so she said I was going to be punished and would have to wear her nighties to bed. After wearing her panties and nighties for about a week, she decided that we needed to go shopping and get me my own panties and nighties. I objected, when she told the sales lady that we were buying panties and nighties for me, she said that I needed another punishment. After shopping for my new langerie, she said we were going to a department store to get me a whole new outfit since I could not be nice enough to let her have some fun buying me some new things. She said if I continued to be disagreeable she would really teach me a lesson. I knew she was really angry with me so I told her whatever she wanted me to do would be fine. We ended up in the women’s department of a department store where she started looking at very feminine and frilly blouses. She kept asking me if I liked different ones. After saying I didn’t like them I began to see how angry she was getting with me so I told her that I liked the next one that she picked out. It was pink with fluffy short sleeves and had lots of lace on it. She was very pleased with me when I said that I liked it. Then she said we would need to find a cute skirt to go with it and some cute shoes and a purse that would look nice with it. I was horrified but knew I better not say a word. She found a cute skirt that came about 3 inches above my knee. It was plaid and had pleats all around it. It reminded me of a skirt that girls wore to Catholic schools. She had me try on the blouse and skirt and said I looked adorable in it. Next thing I new, we were in the shoe department where she found me a pair of really cute Mary Jane style shoes. Next was my purse, which she said I would need to carry all my things in. As she bought me all these things she told each sales girl that they were for me. I was sooo humiliated that I could not speak. As we were leaving the store we passed through the cosmetics department. She stopped to talk to the sales clerk for a minute. After she spoke to the women, she told me to sit on the stool that was next to the counter. She proceded to get some lipstick from the counter and as she started to put it on me she told me that my wife explained to her how I wanted to bring my feminine side out and that I just bought a really cute skirt and blouse. She applied the hot pink lipstick to my lips and then told me to look in the mirror to see how nice it looked. I was shocked how bright it was. My wife told the clerk we would take it and she told me to pay the nice lady for it. She then said fairly loud, we need to hurry and get me home so I could put my new skirt and blouse on, so we would not be late to meet her girlfriend for dinner. I was very nervous and could not believe she was taking me out to dinner to meet with her friend Dianne. I have been wearing women’s clothes ever since.
Recently my wife started having me wear women’s slacks and not to feminine blouses with women’s flats and hose to work. My wife said that eventually she wants me to wear dresses and skirts all the time, including to work. I am sure this is my new life, which I am beginning to enjoy.

From the Miss Engineering Male Pageant! (Women Need to Insist on More and More Male Beauty Contests!)

Transformation of 2016 Ms Eng'g candidate.

Transformation of 2017 Ms Eng'g candidate.

Transformation of 2017 Ms Eng'g candidate.

Transitioning from a Bratty Boy to a Pretty Sissy is Awesome!

crossoverdress: “Holly @ Dress Me Up ”

Image result for pretty boys in dresses

Hopefully we will start to see Gentlewomen’s Clubs, featuring Feminized males in cute bunny outfits, all for the pleasure of Women!

The FUTURE Belongs to STRONG Females!   

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Related image

Related image

Don’t these STRONG Athletes deserve to have pretty sissy boys as their partners?

Related image

Related image

Image result for Girls playing Tackle Football

Football for boys is ending…..this is the male Future!

Britney Smith

Britney Smith

Britney Smith

We are seeing how Prissy dress, and delicate nylons are now for boys, while Cleats and Sweat socks are for Girls!

Britney Smith

Britney Smith

Petticoated Boy

Britney Smith


Still here! Loving all the Male Feminizing going on!

Hello everyone.   I apologize for being gone for so long.  I have had a lot going on in my life.  I do follow the Great work of Chris, the Radical Feminist and others and am delighted in the great progress in male feminization and the empowerment of women and girls.  Seeing women Take Charge and feminize the males in their lives is a wonderful sight!  In the photo below of this woman now on her school’s football team is a delight to see.  She is opening the doors for younger girls to follow in her footsteps.




Just a shame that there are still males on the team!!!  LOL

Maybe by the time this young girl is in high school, the team will be dominated by girls, and there will be boys on the cheerleading squad!


We all know that the transition to Female Control needs to happen, and males Must be feminized!  The future is indeed FEMALE!!!!



As boys learn their New Role, Moms and girls need to encourage their feminization!  Ballet is a Good start for boys!


Boys do indeed look Cute in leotards and tights!

Skirts need to follow!



Mothers need to enroll their sons into Boy Beauty Pageants as well!




There needs to be No Doubt who will be wearing the Pants, and who will be in Skirts AND Submissive!!!!





Male Dominance is OVER!!!  Female Control Must happen and be Encouraged in every way!


In this Video, Anya is a man that knows how the future will be.  I Love seeing him in his nylons and heels…vulnerable, as a man should be!


In this video, Elise knows how to show off his body in a nice swimsuit for the strong women that enjoy feminine male beauty!


Men buying pantyhose and shopping while wearing dresses is becoming more and more common!   What a wonderful turn of events!


Men need to be showing off their bodies and wearing feminine and revealing clothing for the pleasure of women.  It is very Important that men and boys adhere to strict diets to be pretty and sweet for women!


Alex is definitely a New Age Man that will make a lovely male wife to a strong and independent woman!

Women surely have the momentum!   Male Submission and feminization is at hand.  The New Age will be Incredible!


Male Femininity Can be Achieved!


Are these women trying to get a “look” at a pretty man in a sexy mini dress?   Seems that more women are looking to have pretty and feminine males in their lives!


The following is a quote from Lady A, a wonderful woman that has feminized her husband.  It is really the Reality that many women need to understand.  A feminized man or boy is a treasure, and should be made to be pretty and delicate for the women or girl’s pleasure!

Remember, girlie husbands and partners are sex objects. Alpha Ladies need to be able to look at their girlie husband’s legs, see their knickers, see their not so privates and to view them as sexual objects and possessions. Feminized husbands and partners are there to be looked at, admired and groped.


Along with wonderful women such as Lady A, there is also a reality that we need to understand.  Female Power and Dominance is growing.  Many detractors will say that men cannot be feminized against their will, and that males are  superior.  However, look at how the culture has changed in japan.  75 years ago, the Japanese culture was that of an extremely Macho Male Culture.  Women were “Property” and Male Dominance was Complete.  Fast forward a mere 75 years and you now see a culture that has a significant percentage of men and boys desiring to be feminine, pretty and physically “weak”.  On the other hand, you have young successful Japanese women seeking males that are pretty, feminine and weaker than themselves!  Look at the following video of a young Japanese man…he is adorable, and quite feminine!

Here is another Japanese man looking adorable in his one piece swimsuit, pantyhose and heels, as a man should be!

And yet another Japanese man expressing his femininity!   It is awesome to see men being so pretty and feminine.

And yet another beautiful and feminine man!   Are there any Macho men left in Japan???

Here is a comment from another dominant woman that has feminized her husband.  I think it is very revealing in the 21st century how women are not only taking the lead in society, but also accelerating the feminization of men and boys.  Making males be pretty and dainty, while controlling them through the use of restrictive and dainty clothing is exhilarating!   Female Power is awesome and growing!

Karen Foxall says:

Lady A, you’ve moved so much faster and further in developing Alice than I have with my Joanna I hesitate to even make a suggestion to you! I was surprised however to read your comments on making Alice shave. I always found shaving Jojo difficult, temporary and unsatisfactory.

Have you considered intimate full-body waxing for Alice? The benefits are enormous.

Full body waxing helps make a man more aware of female body maintenance and care discipline. Jojo loves the soft, smooth feel of her body and now regularly exfoliates and moisturizes like a regular female – something she never did before

Also it familiarizes her with those intimate bodily intrusions and examinations we women have always put up with and which men never have. Jojo now willingly accepts (and enjoys) the intimate ministrations of an efficient professional. She says that it makes her feel more vulnerable and submissive

I also think it’s good for her to have a couple of hours “me-time” when her sole concern is her appearance and making herself attractive for me.

Fourthly (and this may appeal to you) I know that Jo finds the explicit and undignified bodily positions and poses she has to adopt to be quite humiliating. You may enjoy seeing Alice treated this way too.

I know waxing can be quite painful but we have always tolerated pain and discomfort for beauty haven’t we? and, well, tough! To be honest I don’t really care.

Finally, and best of all, Alice will have beautifully smooth and soft skin that lasts for weeks. Indeed after several years of regular waxing Jojo has more or less permanently smooth, feminine skin with almost no body hair. She looks so cute and I love her oiling us both up before I cuddle up to her and make love to her.

I’m afraid it doesn’t solve the problem of facial hair but it is a thoroughly feminine and transforming experience I’m sure you’d love for Alice



Men and boys need to understand that their lives will now be directed by Strong and Independent Women that have a Feminist Agenda that includes the Empowerment of All Women, and the Feminization of all men and boys!  The New World Order is arriving!


Young males that learn to show off their pretty legs in mini skirts while wearing dainty nylons will attract the New Age Woman!


Mothers that are encouraging their sons to wear dresses are on the “Cutting Edge” of the Movement!



With Female encouragement. Most boys will not only look pretty and dainty, but will embrace the feminine lifestyle.  As mothers do not sign consent forms for their sons to play competitive sports, they will need to be encouraged to adopt the feminine and prissy lifestyle that the New Age Male is destined for!



While mothers refuse to allow their sons to play competitive sports, there needs to be a HUGE increase in boys being enrolled into ballet!



While mothers are encouraging this femininity in boys, they will need to be encouraging their daughters to excel in school, and play competitive sports!


USA Hockey National Women's Festival





The New Gym Routines for the Feminine Man!


As many women are seeing the Great Benefits in having a feminine man as their spouse and mate, it is interesting to see how some wonderful female pioneers have encouraged their men to be pretty and sweet for their pleasure.  It is important that we males maintain a slim and attractive figure for our women’s delight.  A boy with a pot belly is not what ur women want to see, neither is a muscular build, but a slim and “soft” non-threatening appearance is preferable.  The following comment is from such a woman, Christina, that has successfully feminized her husband,  This is a response that she gave me in a conversation we were having:


Christina says:

Patti, Thank you for the reply, Yes indeed Michele does belong to a unisex gym, However he only is allowed to work out in the female section, and do primarily feminine exercises and as such wears the ole 70’s style Leotard and tights. he has 3-4 sets that he wears as I make sure he works out every other day, the off days determine if he has additional gym time the next day as an infraction of not maintain his( her) feminine weight, hence the daily weigh ins, ( we don’t want a feminized husband that is a lil on the chunky side do we? (smile). As such, several times I have heard that he tends to try and cover up the leotard that he is sent to the gym in with some sort of sweatshirt or something. as a result, I will only allow him to attend the aerobics class that is lead by one instructor/trainer. She believes in making her students get the most out of her classes and has a tendency to keep exercise room on the warm (very) side so the additional cover up he tries doesn’t last long. she does make the class sweat so I was told (smile)
however she gets results and was able to get Michele into her bikini. which reminds me as I type this response, need to make a beauty salon apt for her soon. Thanks for the reply, chat soon? ……Christina





“Catch Queen” knows how to stay fit and look attractive for the pleasure of women.  I Love his look in his leotard and pantyhose!  A great role model for all males!

Encouraging men and boys to be pretty and fit is essential for the New World Order.  Women need to take the Lead in creating this Reality.  As women such as PennySue have taught, women can control the situation with their males.  Here is one of her postings and responses to her thoughts:


Posted by pennysue on 2005-05-14 14:47:17

Like it

Many young boys would actually end up liking the idea of wearing the skirt. I have come across young boys who when forced this with discipline ended up liking it and often wanted to wear one at a later time. I encourage boys being dressed as girls, it is only fair.


Posted by SuzieQue on 2007-03-21 15:58:30

I agree with Pennysue, My young son used to be quite troublesome and misbehave. When he was just 3-4 years old, I used to dress him up in his older sisters old cloths, He hated it and really was mad at first. My daughter was 14 years older then him and after she left for college and my husband left, I started dressing him up more and more whenever he became unruly. By the time he was 7 he became more used to it and I really enjoyed dressing him up. This was the early eighties and it wasn’t uncommon for guys to wear curly perms, so I started curling his hair. Just short at first but it looked so cute I let it grow out longer. By the time he was 9 he had a beautiful head of long curls down to his shoulder blades. He looked just so cute with the long curls and blondish hair that everyone was always mistaking him for a girl, even when he was dressed as a boy. Up until this time, He always wore boys clothing to school, but the other boys would make fun of him and he usually just played with girls and was accepted by them as one of their own. The summer when he was 9 I started to dress him up almost all of the time as a girl and we went on vacation that summer and he dressed entirely in girls clothing all summer long. Come fall when it was time to go back to school, I wanted to go out and get him some new boy clothing for school, because he had outgrown most of his old boys stuff. When we went to the stores he did not want to even look at the boys stuff, he wanted to get all of his stuff in the girls department. After some tough moments and many tears we went and bought him all girls slacks, shirts, socks and underwear for school. He wanted to wear dresses and skirts too, but I told him he could not wear them to school, but we bought him a couple of dresses and skirts that he could wear at other times. He wore girls slacks, jeans and tops all year at school and no one ever complained to us about it at all. I always made sure his school outfits always looked pretty neutral, but he usually wore girls sneakers with pink trim and jackets and coats that always looked very girlish. Underneath he usually wore pink or lacy panties. For his tenth birthday he wanted his ears pierced so we went out and had them done. He really looked much more like a girl then many of his female classmates. He just started going by Bobbi instead of Robert or Bobby and things went pretty smooth. By the time he was 13, when he was ready for school that year he went out and got guys clothing and accessories, plus he got his hair cut so it was just down below his ears, but even though he was trying to look more like a guy he still looked very much like a young girl. Over the next few years he made a gradual transition to almost all guys stuff but he did start wearing his hair in a long ponytail and still had both male underwear and panties in his dresser drawer. He still was often mistaken for a girl. When he left college at 22 he was a quiet very shy young man and went out into the work force and became a successful technician. For at least 6-7 years he seemed very happy and able to cope with life, but always seemed a little out of place. At 28 he married a woman 9 years older then he, and when I first visited them, I noticed he was again becoming very much more feminine looking.


Posted by SuzieQue on 2007-03-21 16:30:09


Sorry for this being so long, but I feel I had to continue this on from the previous. Bobby seemed very happy with his new wife Betsey, but it was pretty evident that she was a very dominate and controlling person. Although a very beautiful girl she was 5’10” and a size 18 and really was much bigger then him with his 5’5″ frame and 130#. I noticed when I did some of my laundry at his house before I left that their laundry basket had her large size women’s clothing plus many size small women’s jeans, blouses, nightgown and undies that were apparently his but they were apparently keeping him in male mode while I was there. 10 months later I went to visit them for a long weekend, Bobby met me at the door, he looked like a young woman and I did not hardly recognize him. His hair was again longer, permed and highlighted, he was wearing jeans and a baggy tee shirt, but he looked more like a woman then he had ever before. His hair was nice, his eyebrows were shaped, his face was smooth and I was sure he was wearing lite makeup. I told him he looked great and gave him a hug, it was then that I noticed he was wearing a bra. I continued on that weekend and complimented him on his looks and he was much more comfortable about being dressed as a women and we had a great weekend together. A little over a year ago they had a baby boy. I went to see them a few months ago. Bobbi is doing great, he looks fabulous and is happier then I have ever seen him. He has been taking care of the Baby and staying at home while his wife went back to work. He has been on hormones for a little over 2 years and I have noticed that he is indeed becoming to look much more like a woman. He has small breasts and definitely developed a more womanishly looking figure. He does not want to become a woman, he just wants to keep his features and appearance more soft looking to remain a more feminine looking person. They want to have one more child soon and open their own business, they seemed to be very happy and I love them all deeply.


And some women that have encouraged male feminization have not only made their lives better, but also the male’s life whom they have feminized!


Posted by Samantha Jane Croydon on 2008-09-01 10:24:04

I am a guy who has been wearing feminine clothes since I was six years old. I used to try on my sister’s clothes,and then one day I was caught by my mother. She did’nt say a word at the time, but I was not aware of what my mother was planning.

As it was the end of August, the next day, we were going to buy my school uniform for the new year, and before we went, she told me to put on a pink vest and panties, shoes and white socks, plus a pink floral dress of my sister. Finally,she plaited my hair, tying it up with pink ribbon.

She said that if I liked wearing girls clothes so much , then I can go shopping in them, as I was going to be trying on girl’s blazers, skirts and dresses. This is what I would be wearing to school for the next year. Also, would be wearing my sister’s hand me downs when not at school.

Because my mother thought that I was better behaved as a girl, I ended up living as a girl for ten years, having my ears pierced when I was 10, and having to wear a training bra.

Although this was a punishment, they were the best years of my life, and still get lot’s of pleasure wearing feminine clothing, going out a lot in public. I have no male underwear, and only wear feminine underwear.



Posted in men in curlers on 2007-03-28 14:12:35

My husband and sons all wear their hair long and styled like girls. I enjoy the feminization of my males and we are a very loving and close family. My boys just love being mistaken for girls and love the fem look.






The Beauty of Male Femininity!

Men that are in touch with the femininity is something precious.  As we see more and more everyday, men and boys are relishing the joys of nylons, skirts, dresses, makeup and high heels.  Many women are now embracing this “New Age” Male.

Here is an excerpt from one such woman:


A lovely young Femme-male …

I have received this picture from “my dear Femme-male Girlfriend Patricia who shares my passion for refined male-femininity in all its glorious and sometimes arousing expressions.”

Some comments: 

I love seeing the young Femme-male putting on stockings, with the elegant high-heeled sandals waiting to be put on as well. How delightful will it be seeing her in a dress, in every way a lovely young girl. When she were my girl, I would suggest her wearing fully fashioned stocking that will be held up by a garter belt. I like the framing of her crotch that way. By the way, I would learn her that she should always wear her panties or string over the suspenders, for obvious reasons … Most of the time, you see in pictures ladies wearing the knickers in the wrong way, under the suspenders. When you think about this, you will know this is the wrong way …


Conditioning a Femme-male into refined femininity

When I’m training a Femme-male to express her femininity, dressing her is an important aspect of ‘setting’ her way of thinking and her opinions. Aiding her into her journey to become a perfect Femme-male to be adored, lingerie, dresses, skirts and heels are my friends. All these have an effect on a Femme-male and will bring her into the desired state. They limit her speed, her maneuverability, they make her constant aware of herself and how she appears to others. They can make her feel vulnerable and submissive. When her clothes are pink, they make her feel sexy like a doll. So I dress my Femme-males in what pleases me and what I think will contribute to their conditioning into the Femmes they wish to become. I have always in mind that she will be a delightful muse and courtesan for the Seigneur and/or Lady in her life …

Isabelle, Superior Lady and Mentor

Lady Isabelle educates young girls, mature women and Femme-males in all aspects of refined femininity to become the seductive muse and courtesan of distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen. Her clients have high requirements and often very specific essential conditions. Lady Isabelle adores Femininity in all its glorious expressions by girls, women and Feminized males.


Seeing more and more men enjoying the silky feeling of a leotard and pantyhose is a delight.  It is very important that New Age males look attractive for successful females.  Being a Pretty Male is very important in this New World Order!



The New Age is arriving!  Men are getting to be feminine and pretty, while women are getting to enjoy them!  Many men need to understand that they need to “display” their bodies for the pleasure of women!










Strong Women deserve to have Feminine and Pretty men at their side!  Female Power is growing….Feminized men and boys need to increase in number! The Women will EXPECT it!!!

You would Not want to Disappoint a Strong Woman would you???




Female Leadership and Male’s Realizing their Proper Place


It is always a delight for me to see when women take control and feminize the men and boys in their lives.  After all the years of mistreatment of women by men it is so wonderful to see that women take the Lead, and put men in a subservient position by feminization.  Female supremacy is becoming dominant.  More men and boys are now wearing dresses and skirts, and this must be encouraged in order to create a better society.  Women need to assure that boys are no longer playing competitive sports, but rather assure boys are in Boy Pageants and Ballet Classes.  In the meantime, girls need to be encouraged to play competitive sports and be assertive and strong.

The following is a group of postings from a Demale forum.  Please understand, as a person that is a long time advocate of Gender Role Reversal, I do not support males have sex changes……what I do support and encourage is that males are totally feminized, but they remain male.  In my opinion, that assures that Females are Strong and dominant.  If we feminize males and make them ultra prissy then have their sex changed to female, we just reinforce the traditional gender roles, which I would love to see reversed.  I would really appreciate what others think about that concept.


Here are the Postings:

Date Posted: 10:33:58 04/02/12 Mon
Author: Ester
Subject: Successful Demaling

I have just run across this forum and find it quite informative. I am the mother of a boy who has been completely and successfully demaled.
Justin, now Justine was just 6 years old when his useless father left us. Justine became quite depressed and started to get a little unruly. My doctor who is also my GYN and my best and sometimes intimate friend from college has been taking care of Justine since birth. When Justine was eight I told her, Marion of my issues with him since his father left. She asked me if I had ever considered feminizing him as a means of making him a better person. Of course I had thought about putting him in girls clothes as a form of discipline but Marion suggested there were other steps I could take that would be more lasting and permanent. We discussed her suggestions and the net week I took Justine to her for his regular check up. When Justine was on the examination table in a gown she gave him a full physical including a digital rectal and a testicular and breast x-ray and exam. When completed she gave him an injection which she told him was a strong medication to calm him down. She also prescribed pills which were testosterone blockers and a low dose female hormone. Marion then suggested to me in front of Justine that perhaps he should be started into panties and girls nightwear. Of course he had no visualization of what we were discussing.
The next day I purchased several pair of girls panties and a few very fem nighties for him. Well that first night when I put a nightie on him he of course objected but I told him what Marion had said and he must obey. The next morning when he saw the panties in his drawer with no male shorts he started to whimper a little but as he put them on I told him it was for his own good. It was also quite obvious that the injection from the previous day had a nice calming effect as he accepted what I told him when I explained he would be wearing nighties to bed and panties ever day. In a months time I took him back to Marion for a follow up visit. She was quite pleased when she told me his blood tests indicated a nice presence of female hormones and almost a complete absence of male hormones. She then explained to Justine that he would not be going through puberty like most boys and would not experience the nasty habits which go with it.
By the time Justine was twelve his breasts were really developing quite nicely and his testicles and penis development had been substantially suppressed. It was also obvious Justine was enjoying approaching her teen years as a girl and had become a lovely daughter. She is now 13 and Marion has scheduled an appointment to remove what is left of Justine’s testes. Of course his tiny penis must remain as the skin from it will be used to create her vagina when she has complete SRS when she is 18.
I would be most happy to answer any question if posted on this forum.

In reply to: patti ‘s message, Re: Successful Demaling on 07:06:08 04/03/12 Tue

> It is wonderful to see what some mothers are doing in
> creating a better Society for us all. Was your
> husband, Justine’s father a macho Man?
> Is Marion actively involved with you and Justine, as
> with hanging around each other and such?
> Thank You for being a pioneer in the Trend of Male
> Femininity!
> Patti

Hi Patti.
Justine’s father was just a jerk and a heavy drinker. Macho, yes but in a very negative context. He was just not a nice person and thought the world revolved around him.
Yes, Marion is quite active in Justine’s development as she is her doctor. Yes, Marion and I do have a very close relationship.
I hope this answers your questions.

I do not want anyone to get the wrong impression. What is happening to Justine, her treatment and ongoing transition is medically ethical and proper. Justine all along her journey has been under the treatment and guidance of Dr. Marion, a Doctor with GYN and Pediatric credentials and also a licensed Psychologist. Perhaps this is the reason her transition has been so smooth and successful. In no way would I ever do or recommend a treatment of a child that is not deemed medically beneficial to both their physical well being and mental state.
I trust this answers some questions many mother may have.

Dana, thanks for your compliments, they are always appreciated. Now, let me see if I can answer your question.
Justine,s testes are scheduled to be removed in May, on her birthday. Marion her doctor says it is a simple operation and will be done under local anesthetic in her office. Of course she insists I observe and she will be assisted by her nurse.
Justine now weighs just under 95 pounds and is 5″ tall, quite slender and her hips are becoming quite feminine as well as he budding breasts. She has been in an “A” cup for several months and by the way she is developing I suspect she will be a full “B” cup within a few months. She has beautiful green eyes and shoulder length bronze hair.
Justine was an active and in my opinion an overly aggressive sports playing boy, playing both hockey and soccer.
At first he had difficulty and tried to rebel which resulted in some good spankings but the female hormones took effect and made him less aggressive and certainly calmed her down. I could tell not only was she going through physical changes but also mental changes and was more and more accepting of her budding femininity.
Justine did not even notice his testies were becoming useless and stunted. Of course I frequently praised her on her nice some appearance even in slacks.
Actually, with the help of Marion her transition was quite smooth, from pants to panties and dresses within a few months. I did enroll her in a private school as a girl when she was 10. The head mistress knew all about her and was more than cooperative.

Sorry I have not replied to the latest questions but my household has been going through a bit of trauma at the moment.
A couple of weeks ago my ex showed up on my door step after many years of absence. He was actually begging me to take him back and promised me he had totally reformed and had not had a drink for over a year. When he saw Justine he could not contain himself and actually started to cry asking why I had feminized her. Of course my answer was, “because I was determined that Justine was not going to turn out to be an arrogant drinking male like her father”. Of course he was shocked but still begged to come back under any conditions I wanted to impose. Well, I am working on those conditions and I am sure you all know what they will be. I will try to keep this board posted.

I have had some very interesting happenings over the past several weeks, one of which had caused me to be reluctant to further postings here. Either someone called the authorities or this site is being monitored.
I had a visit from CFS questioning me on Justine and why she is being transitioned. They strongly hinted at possible abuse. However after they interviewed Dr. Marion and Justine’s psychologist I believe the situation is resolved for now at least.
With respect to previous questions:
Justine, after a very short period at the beginning she accepted her new self. Of course many talks with Dr. Marion and sessions with her psychologist smoothed the process. Justine now enjoys being a girl and loves to go shopping with me and insists on the most feminine of clothes. I am so pleased.
My husband is another story. He has had two visits with Dr. Marion and he has reluctantly agreed to a course of treatment. He has started on a quite potent prescription of hormones and testosterone blockers. He has also potentially agreed to castration at a later date. He is now wearing feminine clothing every day and actually he looks quite precious, like a devout sissy male in a dress. However, with the hormones and a rigid exercise routine I expect he will become more presentable. In the mean time I am just delighting in the embarrassment and humiliation he is going through. I consider it pay back.

I just felt I should update you ladies on progress in my home.
Justine had her “little” operation last week and everything went just fine. Dr. Marion did it under a local so Justine was awake through the whole 30 minutes. She suffered no pain or distress when it was done and since. She is thrilled and so am I. She has been asking why she must wait until she is eighteen to have complete GRS. Dr. Marion is looking into possible alternatives.
My husband is another story. He is absolutely devastated and has begged me not to have him castrated. He already has signed a consent and he is scheduled for the first week of June. Since his procedure will be more extensive, complete removal of his scrotum, he will be spending the night in the clinic. My, he is the picture of humiliation these days. He does not look at all feminine but like a sissy man in female clothes, but that is all he now has. He has accepted that he must do all the household shopping and errands even though he hates it and actually cries when he come in from the humiliation of being out and about. After his castration I have agreed to allow him breast implants and Dr. Marrion has him on a significant dose of hormones and testosterone blockers. He has become quite docile and very obedient.

I find the forgoing offensive and quite inappropriate.
I am not a sex pervert nor am I demaling my son and husband for any sexual turn on or sexual purpose. I am just a loving mother doing what I feel is proper for my son and his father.


The below is a comment form another woman that apparently believes in male feminization!

Date Posted: 23:31:10 05/22/13 Wed
Author: dommom16 (Glad and curious (to Esther))
Subject: Re: Update
In reply to: Ester ‘s message, Update on 16:40:13 05/16/12 Wed

Very happy to hear that your son went through things so well. And I am quite glad that your hubby is just hating it. BUT that is the way it should be! IF he was conformed earlier, he may have been as excited and accepting as your son is.

But since the Dr. used a local, were you with him the whole time. Was it all business? Did you and the doctor share any proud moment once it was done? What was your conversation?

I know it must feel very empowering and joyful at the same time. And (trying to ask properly here) are the unwanted “items” disposed of or did you keep them? Sorry to ask this way, but I was always curious what a Demale Mother would do in this case.

Either way I am very glad that things are shaping up the way the SHOULD be for all the Women in your life. Congratulations!


The results in what males can and should become are as follows:


He looks so much better in his pretty dress!


This beautiful young man was once a high school baseball player!


This young man is from Europe…isn’t he beautiful?


AS Women see how wonderful life will be with them in control, more males will be totally feminized and put on “Display” for the entertainment of women and girls!


It is only appropriate, that many men be controlled by women by feminization.  How can this be so “Wrong”, when it is a fact that men had controlled women for centuries through the use of clothing and domination?  Payback can be humiliating!



As “Gentlewomen’s Clubs” become established for Independent and Successful women, more and more young men will be required to be pretty and sweet, serving the superior, dominant gender!



The New Way of Thinking about Men & Boys

The world is certainly changing, and men and boys are getting to be more in touch with their femininity than ever before.  The below video is a great example of how some parents are encouraging their sons to do traditionally feminine activities.  These two boys were enrolled in Cheerleading.  They look awesome in the tights and dance outfits.  It is amazing just how pretty boys can be.

These parents are on the cutting edge of the 21st century New Age.  Won’t it be delightful when boys are cheerleading on a regular basis….only this time the competitors will be Girls!  More and more girls are now participating in competitive sports.  What a Great Role Reversal this is!



The below is a video of a wonderful young man that is on his school’s cheerleading squad.  What a great pioneer for our cause.  Hopefully mothers will see just how pretty their sons can be and encourage them to be cheerleaders!


Women will be the ones that can make these changes occur.  Many of us males want to be pretty and sweet and kept in dresses and skirts.  In the photo below, these three are all male!  Aren’t they beautiful?


Many males have really great legs and should be showing them off in mini skirts!


Many men go to crossdressing conventions so they can get dolled up and be feminine.  Will women encourage more of this and then insist that their men be pretty for their enjoyment?


Will athletic women like the ones below start demanding that their men are their to serve them, and to be their “helpers”….especially when the women are the breadwinners and stronger physically?




The skirted male is the future!   With the skirted male, are we going to see more assertive and physically stronger females?  I for one hope so!!!

The New Age Male Needs to Look Good for Women!

Today’s posting involves the subject of how the New Age Male needs to present himself in the growing World of Female Control.  As it was in the past that women were required to look good for their men, now the times are changing, and men and boys need to learn that their goal needs to be to look Pretty and Sweet for their women.

Many of you might be aware that now evidence is showing that 30% of men are now shaving their legs.  Another 22% plus are trimming their leg hair.  This is wonderful progress.  As a man that is completely clean shaven, I can attest that many women seem to enjoy seeing a Clean and Shaven man!  Hopefully, this leads to more men and boys wearing pantyhose and tights, to me an “essential” in male feminization!

The video below of the “Catch Queen” is a great example of how a man should be exercising, and especially the clothing that a man should wear to exercise in.  Leotards and tights need to become the “Required” Exercise wear for all males.

Male Femininity is Growing.  For it to become the dominant position for males, Females need to encourage it!   Would be very interesting to hear from woman on how they would like to see the males in their lives to present themselves!



Girlfriends that encourage their men to be feminine seem to be quite happy in their relationships!




Men in bikinis are so cute.  I love how his nails match his bikini.  Also, observe the skinny, weak arms.  In the future, women will be physically stronger than men,  women will be the protectors, and male violence ill be reduced!





Women are so proud to show off their pretty boyfriends or husbands!